Ways to Clean Your Porcelain Sink Before You Sell Your Home

The kitchen is top priority when selling a home. Most Modern buys want granite counter tops and all the latest figures. However, there is a minority group of buyers who prefer the vintage rustic look, stained tables and porcelain sinks.
If you are selling a home with porcelain sinks, read on.

Porcelain sink is a great addition to your kitchen. Its vintage look and soft surface adds more aesthetic value to your kitchen. But the downside of having a porcelain sink is that it has the tendency to hold stains and may get easily scratched especially when you scrub the stains from the surface. The good news is that it does not stain permanently. You simply need to know how to clean the stains. With the right care and maintenance, your porcelain sink will sparkle and look clean. Here are some effective to shine your porcelain sink.

1. Use hot water, sponge and soap.
To start cleaning the sink, you need to use the hottest water in order to get the best results as well as a dish soap and a gentle sponge.
Since the sink can get scratches easily, make sure that you avoid using steel wool or scouring pads. Once you have all the things you need, start using the sponge and the soap. Wipe it in circular motion. After that, rinse the soap using the sponge with the hottest water.

2. Use baking soda.
Baking soda is one of the most popular household ingredients that you can use for cleaning. If you want to thoroughly clean your porcelain sink, you can actually use baking soda. All you have to do is get a damp cloth or you can also use sponge. Next is you put in the baking soda into the specific portions of the sink that has stains. This product is mildly abrasive, it can actually remove stains without scratching the sink. In same way as how you clean your sink using hot water and soap, scrub it in circular motion and then make sure that you completely rinse everything off. If you want a more powerful cleaning formula, you can actually include lemon juice or even ammonia.

3. Use bleach and paper towels.
Another way to clean the sink is to coat it using bleach and cover it using paper towels. Why use paper towels? They are used to make sure that the bleach is close to the sink so as to make it more effective. Let it stay there for the whole night. The following morning, you can already remove the towels. Gently wipe the sink.
When cleaning using this method, make sure that you do it in an area where there is ventilation so you would not end up inhaling the fumes. You can only use bleach on porcelain sinks but not on colored porcelains.

4.  Put some vinegar.
Vinegar is used to clean jewelry but you can also use it to clean a porcelain sink. This household product can effectively remove watermarks. Before you start the cleaning, close the drain. Afterwards, fill it with hot water and add about 1 to 2 cups of vinegar. Allow it to stay there for about 3 to 4 hours. When you drain the water, you can see that the stains are already gone. Just be careful when using vinegar so as not to damage the finish.

5. Use a Commercial Cleaner or Polish
There are some stains that will be tuff to remove and a commercial polish or porecelain cleaner will do the trick. Use a porcelain cleaner like Colonel Brassy hard surface clean. Clean using a microfiber cloth and a little "elbo greese". Also Flitz metal polish does a fantastic job of giving porcelain the shine that sells.

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