Washington Park Denver Colorado- Denvers Historical Treasure And Modern Center Of Real Estate And Culture

Washington Park

Washington Park and its surrounding neighborhoods is one of Denver’s most desirable destinations.

Washington Park has been an epicenter of Denver culture for over 100 years. The park originated as a critical piece of Denver’s water supply that serviced the cities earliest farming population. Citizens began to settle around the north end of Washington Park in the 1860’s  and  construction of the park began in 1899. Designed by Reinhardt  Schuetze, Washington Park was landscaped using native trees and shrubs transported from the grand Rocky Mountains.

The community of South Denver developed around Washington Park which was designed in likeness to the famous European parks of the 19th century. The park began as 20 acres of farmland and developed into a beautiful 160 acres by 1916. Washington Park fulfilled the Victorian vision of flowering beds, numerous ponds, and tree lined lanes. The lakes themselves are treasured as symbols of Denver folklore and history. Smith Lake, found on the northern end of the park, was a destination for city bathers in the hot summer and the boathouse was constructed in 1911. In the 1940’s the lake was closed intermittently in response to fears of spreading the polio virus. The lake was ultimately closed to swimming in 1957.

The pavilion to the south of Smith Lake was constructed with elements of a Turkish Palace and was built as a open concert hall, concession stand and warming room. Today the pavilion and historic boat house are utilized for community events, private parties, and boat rentals.

In current times, Washington Park and its surrounding community is a vital piece of Denver lifestyle, real estate and culture.  The” Wash Park” neighborhood reaches beyond the park borders from Downing St. to University Blvd. Wash Park is bordered by Cherry Creek Dr. to the north and Interstate 25 to the south. The narrow streets are bordered by grand trees providing shade and seclusion to lawns, gardens and homes. City ordinances protect the existence of the original trees and they must not be removed when old homes are demolished to accommodate new structures.

Washington Park is surrounded by a colorful array of Victorian Era homes, Craftsmen bungalows, Denver Square’s and brick colonials. There are laws in place to protect several historical structures but new construction of modern homes is still occurring. Charming retail centers border these homes such as the four block area of Old South Gaylord  - a cultural hot spot containing a variety of fine restaurants and shops. Bonnie Brae is also nearby - one of the many beautiful residential areas in Denver.

Washington park and its neighborhoods is a truly scenic and cohesive community where one can enjoy rich history and the urban outdoors year round

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