Wal-mart Opts Out Of New Congress Park Store At 9th And Colorado

Wal-Mart Denied in Congress Park Denver Colorado Real Estate News, Real Estate for sale Involved and passionate Congress Park, Mayfair, and Hilltop neighbors have been attending public meetings for several weeks to present reasons why they opposed having Wal-Mart as the anchor of the redevelopment site. Congress Park is a charming and historical urban neighborhood with a small town atmosphere. Neighborhood complaints ranged from excess traffic, disruption to local business and Wal-Mart business practices including low wages. Congress Park residents also opposed tax increment financing by the city of Denver for the project, which the developer indicated he would seek to help pay the costs of demolition and infrastructure.Historic Real Estate in Congress park, Real Estate news in Congress Park, Agent Specializes in Historic homes in Congress Park

The president of Mayfair Neighbor’s Inc. has stated, “The neighbors can win”, a statement which emphasizes the resident’s desire to for a project that reinvigorates the area in a economically and politically sustainable manner. Neighbors and city leaders envision the former University of Denver campus transitioning into a mixed use development with residential and retail uses. The City of Denver remains committed to seeing the site redeveloped which has remained vacant since 2007.

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