Techniques To Disaster Proof Colorado Homes In The Wake Of Hurricane Sandy

Stroms effect Home Owners in Colorado, Natural Disasters happen even here in Colorado Real Estate The powerful Superstorm Sandy has slammed into major cities along the East Coast threatening thousands of homes. The storm surge from Hurricane Sandy has resulted in billions in property damages and many homeowners have began to question if they have done all they could to prepare their property for the raging storm. Colorado homes are not exempt from the threat of natural disasters despite their removed location from the coast. Northern Colorado residents recently suffered the impact of a mile wide tornado in 2008 which caused major damage to dozens of homes in the community of Windsor. Multiple Colorado mountain communities suffered home destruction and loss after raging forest fires just this past summer, including Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Estes Park and Red Feather Lakes.

As the relentless wind and rain from tropical storm Sandy subsides, many home owners may be left with having to face thousands of dollars in damages to their homes, despite having homeowner’s insurance. In the wake of this natural disaster, homeowners located in Denver and beyond must start considering what measures they can take now to disaster proof their home and reduce property damage in the event of a fire, flood, hail or tornado.

The first step is to review current homeowner’s insurance and make sure the plan includes the assessed amount it would currently cost to replace the home. Homeowners should also account for their belongings by videotaping or photographing home contents. These can be used for reference if anything is damaged or destroyed. It is also important that all Colorado home owners are diligent in pruning surrounding trees. Trimmed trees can minimize the damage to the property in the event of a natural disaster. It is also very important that residents in mountainous communities such as Estes Park, Boulder, and Colorado Springs remove dead pine needles and maintain forested areas to prevent home loss during the event of a wildfire.

Clearing the gutters is another simple measure that can alleviate foundation damage in the wake of a flood. Blockages should be removed several times a year especially after the leaf fall in autumn. Colorado homeowners also may want to consider adding additional piping to the bottom of gutters to push drainage farther from the house’s foundation. Cracks or leaks anywhere in a home’s drywall, roof or foundation will break further in the face of a natural disaster, causing additional damage. Shoddy wiring and gas leaks should are fire hazards and should be repaired.

Natural hazard risk analysts have concluded that 2012 has been a record breaking year for natural disaster strikes, including hurricanes, tornado's, earthquakes, floods, and wildfires. Estimations of damages due to natural disasters has reached over $52 billion and Colorado homeowner’s must be aware of the catastrophes that may affect their area.

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