Prime Time For Homeowners To Sell In The Denver Housing Market

List your home for sale in Denver Colorado Metro Denver’s real estate market is transforming from one in which buyers had the advantage to one in which sellers have the clear upper hand. Several Denver neighborhoods and price ranges have seen a distinct shift towards favoring home sellers. Homes in particularly high demand are priced from $250,000 to $400,00 and are located in central Denver neighborhoods such as Park Hill, Congress Park, Curtis Park, Washington Park, Mayfair and Highlands.

Many Denver homeowners who opt to list their home on the market are delighted to encounter multiple offers within a short period of time, often times above their asking price. A new report shows that Denver is ranked number two in the nation for the shortest days homes remain on the market. While the national median time for homes to be listed is 89 days, Denver homeowners are experiencing a listing period of just 33 days.
List your home for sale in Denver Colorado
In recent months, buyer demand has surged upwards and the number of homes for sale in metro Denver has dropped sharply. Metrolist, the largest real estate multiple listing service in Colorado, has reported the data for May to show a total inventory for the metro Denver area to be 10,591 units. This reveals a 41 percent decrease in the number of homes available to buyers compared to 2011. In terms of the past 3 years, home inventory is at an all time low, resulting in a prime opportunity for homeowners to list and sell their house.

Denver homeowners who are considering listing their property are also benefiting from rising home values. Denver’s MLS, Metrolist, has reported the average sales price for a single family home has risen to $297,597, which is a five percent increase from May and a twelve percent increase from a year ago. In addition, realty analysts expect strong demand and multiple offers to soon push home values even higher. Denver’s unemployment rate still remains below the national average and as buyers become more confident in their job situation, the Denver home market will continue to improve into 2012, as it has already experienced a twenty percent increase from 2011.
List your home for sale in Denver Colorado

Denver homeowners who have been considering listing their home and purchasing a new one should seize the opportunity as the market still offers major incentives to buyers. Homeowners who price their home reasonably can be assured it will sell. Additionally, there are still many affordable homes available and low interest rates create the perfect scenario for residents hoping to sell their home and reinvest in Denver real estate. To establish the current value of your home and discuss listing options, contact Armstrong Real Estate to schedule a consultation at 720-771-7376.


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