Home Impovement with a Bathroom Remodel

We all know home improvement is not easy, yet we constantly underestimate just how difficult it will be when it comes time. In general, there are a lot of things you should know and think about before going head first into the project. From the lighting to the flooring and everything in between, here are a few things to think about.


Let’s talk about lighting first. Most people use the bathroom for more than just the obvious, including putting on makeup, shaving, or doing your hair. Putting bright lights at your vanity – called “sconce lighting” – can make a huge difference in the outcome of these things. The DIYNetwork suggests putting them in at eye level in order to reduce shadows.


Sometimes the lighting comes with the house. It is important you do not forget to update them! You don’t want to remodel and update your whole bathroom only to be left with lighting fixtures from the 1970s.


As with lighting, flooring plays a surprisingly affective role in the overall look of the bathroom. The go-to choice of material for the bathroom floor is tile. Carpet is typically not the ideal choice of material since mold plays a role in that decision-making process.


You need to understand the basic dimensions and layout of your bathroom. Knowing the dimensions will help you decide on what sizes your furniture should be, as well as allow you to recognize how much room/ space will be left after you have done your remodel.


Budgeting is without a doubt one of the most important parts of the project. You should plan out what you want and what you expect everything to cost… and then stick to the plan! Houzz did some work for you already and found out what the average remodeling project costs depending on the specific type of bathroom.


Some ways to save money in the project is to get creative. The DIYNetwork suggests refinishing things that are already in your bathroom to get an entirely new feel, without spending hundreds of dollars. This could be your tub, shower, or your flooring. According to this same website, doing so can save you an absurd amount of money, spending as little as 10% of what it would have cost to replace the pieces.


You can also save a ton of money by keeping the plumbing where it is. That means, keep the toilet and sink and shower where they are. As much as you may want to change the layout completely, some sacrifices are for the better good. This is one of them.


And lastly, instead of getting completely knew cabinets and sinks, consider just simply changing out the pulls and handles. This can make a surprising yet impactful difference.


Something that is often overlook, yet vital to think about, is ventilation. Since the bathroom obviously uses a lot of water, mold and mildew are dangerous. As a precaution, you should probably have more than one forms of airing out the bathroom.


A vent usually comes with the bathroom, but if not you should definitely put one in. In addition, you should consider putting in another form of ventilation as well. This could be a fan or a window or something else – so long as it keeps air moving and not settling.

Getting help

Don’t be afraid to put your pride on the side… if you need help, get it! Professionals are considered professionals for a reason, they know what they are doing. if you think you may, even possibly, hire a professional, you should include their price in your budget.


Before you commit to one professional, you should call around and inquire an estimate from multiple. You should also ask to see their portfolio or examples of what they have done in the past so you can get a sense of their experience level. Plus, you can see if they can do the certain things and styles as you want them.

Time to remodel!

Taking all of those things into mind, you have the basic understanding of how to approach remodeling your bathroom. Granted, there will always be more to do. But these things are the most important and will make the biggest difference in your experience and the outcome of your bathroom.


Article by Jon Reyes, a guest writer from Steam and Shower UK. Jon is a specialist writer and has extensive knowledge in everything related to steam showers, saunas and hydrotherapy benefits

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