Highlands Is Distinctly One Of Denver Most Culturally Rich And Lively Destinations

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The community is situated northwest of the downtown skyline and spans 250 acres. It has experienced tremendous growth and development over many years and it a current center of trendy dining, entertainment and retail. Highlands heritage is rooted is Italian and Hispanic cultures and the neighborhood is full of locally influenced restaurants and art galleries.

The early 1800’s were marked by the arrival of American and Canadian Fur traders into the Platte River  Valley as well as Mexican-American miners. The Gold Seekers of the mid 1800’s rounded out the multi-ethnic community of the area. Through the shroud of winter in 1858 William Larimer and DC Collier traversed the partially frozen Platte River from the budding community of Denver City to observe the land on the western bank. Initially Highlands didn’t draw much interest and land values were so low lots were unable to be given away. In spring of 1864, a massive flood nearly eliminated many parts of Denver and people began relocating up the hill. This migration continued and in 1875 Owen Le Fevre petitioned the Arapahoe County Commissioners to establish a village government. The Town of Highlands was formed into an official city in 1885. Le Fevre’s artesian well supplied the citizens with fresh water and the western Rocky Mountain breezes ushered in clean air free of smog.  

By 1900, North Denver had a flourishing Italian population that centered around a six block section situated between 32nd and 38th Ave. Beginning in the early twenties, north Denver became populated by Mexican-American migrants and Central and South American immigrants. West 32nd Ave. transformed into the modern commercial center of North Denver’s Hispanic, Mexican and Central American communities. Since 2000  this  business strip has been steadily evolving as many neighborhoods have began to transform from  working class Latino into stable middle class communities. Original brick buildings are transforming into modern architecture and single family dwellings to trendy lofts. Three distinct districts comprise Highlands and make it Denver’s largest neighborhood – Highland Square, Lower Highlands, and Tennyson Street.

Highlands Square at 32nd and Lowell is a charming area of small boutiques and local restaurants arranged amongst Craftsmen Bungalows. Dining options in this area are varied and authentic and range from Caribbean and Mexican, sushi and sea fare. There are ample options to find a drink in Highlands Square, Pubs, Martini Bars and Wine Bars set a lively atmosphere amongst the shops and dining.

Reaching in both directions along the Highland Bridge is the Lower Highlands – LoHi. Situated here are a number of hip bars and bistro’s many with open air patios and roof top seating. The Navajo Street Art District is located in the Lower Highlands and offers authentic Native American art galleries, the performing arts and available parking.

Tennyson Street Cultural District is truly the jewel of the neighborhood and is overflowing with art galleries, creative retail shops, bistros and boutiques. The pride of this blossoming district is distinct and supporting local business is highly valued. The Tennyson St. Cultural District hosts the longest running art walk in Denver. The 11th anniversary of this celebration was held this April. Multiple galleries and artist studios also host art openings the first Friday of every month.

Amidst the vibrant retail and dining is residential real estate - which displays all of the classic architecture styles. There are fantastic examples of Craftsmen Bungalows, elaborate Queen Anne style homes and charming Victorian cottages.

The vibrant community of Highland’s is complex yet unassuming and it is no wonder it is one of the hottest places in Denver to dine, explore and reside.

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