Fannie Mae Launches A New Video To Help Educate Homeowners About Options To Avoid Foreclosure

Wayhome Foreclosure video


On January 6, 2011 Fannie Mae launches Wayshome, a video to help educate homeowners about foreclosure and what options they have when faced with financial struggles. The video gives people real life scenarios and encourages homeowners to seek help  and make the right decision. The video is available here: Wayshome


Here’s a Quick Overview of the video:



New innovative learning tool, called WaysHome allows homeowners to put themselves into real-life situations and make decisions -- then see the consequences of these decisions play out in front of them. Through WaysHome, homeowners can:

Participate in an interactive video simulation.  

Select a character and go through the simulation "playing" that character.  

Follow characters as they encounter financial hardships and challenges that affect their ability to pay their mortgage.

Choose different paths based on real-life situations.

Experience the positive outcomes or negative consequences of their choices (i.e., if they avoid taking action, foreclosure may be their only option).

Learn about options that may be available to help.  

Discover the right paths to avoid foreclosure, know their options, and find their way home.



The Benefits to the Homeowner

The research has shown that many homeowners still don't know about or understand all of their options to avoid foreclosure. As a matter of fact, most homeowners who are seriously delinquent or in foreclosure have little to no contact with their mortgage company. WaysHome is designed to bridge that gap and encourage homeowners to take action before it's too late. 

If you are facing foreclosure and have questions about your current situation please contact us with your questions and concerns.


Ian Armstrong

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