Buying A Home With A Backyard Playground

Buying a home in Denver with a backyard playground can increase value


Buying a home is a big decision. There are many things to consider; many variables to factor into the decision; and sometimes more than one persons' needs are weighed in.

This means that your children's well-being and happiness is a crucial factor. To many home buyers with more than one child, having a large backyard to set up playground equipment like swings and slides is crucial. To some parents it is not just a backyard adventure issue, but a matter of safety to have their children playing at home instead of a public playground.

There are many playgrounds all around Denver: Spring Canyon Community Park, Northglenn Sensory Park, Downtown Children's Playground, Fossil Creek Community Park to name a few. Home buyers can either buy a home close to a playground or build a private residential play area.

The value of a home with a great playground can increase or decrease depending on the buyer. For home buyers without children or those whose children are already grown, the playground equipment is unnecessary, but to home buyers with small children from toddler to 12 years old a set of playground equipment can make the purchase more attractive.

However, the playground equipment should be in good condition and suitable for the ages of the children. Playground equipment are more than just bells and whistles. Great play areas provide structures and play-sets that are engaging and stirs the imagination of children.

Swings, slides and springer are appropriate for all ages and since many swings can accommodate grown-ups, parents and grandparents can have fun with the kids as well.

To increase your property value and to create a wonderful backyard senary, it is important that the playground equipment matches the terrace, curb appeal and flora of the property. If the house is made of red brick, then red mulch would be complimentary. The colors of the house and the equipment should have some similarity and there should be a good flow of hue from the general area to the play area.

Home owners with children know that the kids will be gone in a little while, so providing an area where they can all express themselves is a plus.





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