Benefits of living in energy efficient homes

With the passage of time, smart home-owners are gradually turning their eyes towards environmental-friendly living. The notion of “going green” is turning the whole concept of building construction. Energy alternatives including wind and solar power, insulation, addition of weather stripping and many other energy-efficient appliances are becoming increasingly available to cut down on energy waste. Today’s blog post will hopefully convince you to do a home energy upgrade with a list of energy saving benefits as a perfect source of ideas.

Why do we need to build an energy efficient home?

Increase sustainability

Installing energy-efficient technologies add to the longevity of your home. Using passive solar energy adjusts a building to take advantage of the solar energy that protects it from extreme temperatures. It also includes the use of concrete heat sink that absorbs solar energy during the daytime and radiates it at night.

Reduce energy bills

Living in an eco-friendly home will certainly lead to a reduced energy bill. For instance, fluorescent light fixtures are great alternative to incandescent lights as they are much more energy-efficient. Similarly, the use of highly-efficient electronic ballasts on fluorescent equipment can further enhance your savings. Besides, installation of programmable thermostat that automatically controls home temperature during different times of the day can significantly minimize monthly bills, thereby making the house more desirable and have a superior perceived value to potential buyers.

Enhance indoor comfort

Energy-efficient buildings control the flow of heat, moisture and air. Installing building envelope shields the dwellers from extreme weather conditions by increasing the quantity of insulation in the roofs and the walls and by providing a vapor obstacle to keep moisture from condensing the wall. Also the use of mechanical ventilation methods including air exchangers on heating systems, fans or heat recovery ventilators not only circulate the internal air but also help in expelling the redundant moisture and other toxins.

Helps in breathing clean and fresh air

With plants, animals and people expelling moisture into the air, along with the use of different appliances in our daily lives like microwave, printer or paint fumes, they are the major source of air pollution in the areas where we live and work. However, the use of mechanical ventilation system that controls the airflow and ensures that the air inside the building is being refreshed with outside air is indeed a great way of making a well-ventilated and energy-efficient home. Air inside the house gradually becomes contaminated with odors and moisture and should be replaced with outside fresh air that takes a smaller amount of energy to heat the inside air.

Cut down water costs

Different water conservation measures can drastically reduce water costs in a house. This could include

  • installing low-flow green showerheads, sink faucets and toilets

  • collecting rainwater from the roof and utilizing it for maintaining landscape

  • using grey water from kitchen, laundry rooms and showers for toilets

  • preserving the used hot water to warm up building air in a water-to-air heat exchanger

Positive impact on the environment

An energy-efficient home will considerably minimize environmental footprint by reducing energy waste. Cutting down on the use of fossil fuels can have a huge effect and benefit the environment. Also the use of recycle glass for fiber glass insulation can significantly save landfill space and help preserving our environment’s valuable resources while preventing the flow of substances from entering the solid waste stream.

If you compare the standard homes with the energy-efficient ones, you will find greater level of comfort and healthier atmosphere inside the energy-efficient houses. As our home is typically our precious asset, green investment is one of the wisest decisions one can make.

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