An Overview Of Cherry Creek Real Estate And Homes For Sale In The Area

Cherry Creek Real Estate

The town of Harman, which was Denver’s very first suburb that was established during the late 1870s, is now known as the Cherry Creek neighborhood. Originally, this town was a place for the middle and the working class and the neighborhood was composed of modest houses as well as bungalows. However, Cherry Creek nowadays has evolved in a residential neighborhood that people find interesting and diverse. For this reason, people are willing to pay for its value and prestige.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re someone who wants a custom-made house on a small lot or a modern architecture in an expansive ground, Cherry Creek will still be able to meet your demand in terms of price and quality. On the other hand, since the neighborhood is diverse, an average buyer will still be able to purchase a house. A lot of Cherry Creek townhomes and condos are offered for as low as $300 and there are a number of options that are below $500,000 as well.

The good thing about the Cherry Creek Real Estate is the fact that you can consider it as a self-contained city that is within a city. Everything that you need, from libraries to a Yoga center, a grocery store to Louis Vuitton, is just within the community itself. The neighborhood also takes pride because of the Cherry Creek Shopping Center which is considered as Denver’s most dazzling mall. In this location, there are great numbers of prestigious stores available. Aside from that, the Cherry Creek North Shopping District, which is just right across the street, provides the public 50 blocks of pedestrian-friendly boutiques, art galleries, shops and restaurants. This place is also the location for the Cherry Creek Festival which is a celebration held for three days in honor of arts and music all around the world.

In addition to all of these, the Cherry Creek Real Estate community offers a busy Whole Foods Market wherein locals can enjoy organic products and produce that can be obtained from the Cherry Creek Fresh Market. This is a farmers market that is located in the parking lot of the mall every Wednesday and Saturday morning from the months of May through October. To boot everything else, the community also showcases one of the most popular as well as fun races of the year to all age groups, the Cherry Creek Sneak is where runners commemorate their spring. The 22-mile Cherry Creek path is considered as a haven for all runners, cyclists, and walkers. If is even known that most home owners bike their way to work.


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