Although The Rest Of The Nation See A Decline In Real Estate Prices,Denver market Seems to Outshine The Rest

Denver real estate graph

Denver Home Prices Outperform National Averages

According to the MicroMarket Analyasis from Clear Capital Data index (HDI), Denver Home prices have clearly outperform the rest of the nation. This is partly due to the fact that Denver never really saw the dramitic upswing in values like some of the other states like Arizona, Nevada, & Florida.

Denver for the most part avoided the extremes of the recenet housing bubble and because of this have seen smaller declines in real estate prices and quicker housing recovery.


Denver is a desirable place to live

The city of Denver & the state of Colorado have a lot to offer and will always be one of the most desirable places to live in U.S. The Real Estate market remains affordable and the Job market is consistent and stable.   With the beautiful mountains being so close and accessible this makes outdoor sports much more fun and possible. The weather here is very mild and is hard to beat, and let’s not forget that the people here in Colorado are very welcoming and friendly. All of these factors play a role in keeping Denver amongst the best places to live and to help stabilize our real estate market.



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