5 Remodeling Projects: Better To Diy Or Hire A Pro?

With almost every conceivable project available for viewing through Internet how-to videos and articles, it seems like any home improvement venture is DIY. However, certain projects appear simple while they really require the eye and expertise of a professional. Sorting out these improvements is crucial to your budget and safety, especially if it's a major renovation to an existing home. Glance at just some of the renovations you can and cannot perform on your own.

The Dream Room Addition

Whether you're adding a bedroom or extension to the living room, traditional room additions are a professional's realm. There are engineering aspects, including weight and balances, that must be calculated for a safe installation. Specific permits and heavy equipment are almost always necessary for foundation and structural additions as well. Unless you are a seasoned construction professional, allow the pros to create an addition that truly adds value to the property.

Brand New Windows

Window installation is for the professionals. The project isn't just matching the frame to the opening, but requires specific hanging techniques to ensure the glass is plumb with the wall. Any miscalculation causes the window to be difficult to move during opening and closing. You also want the installation to be sealed tightly to avoid any drafts around the frame. Professionals have the experience to troubleshoot and perfect any window installation. Here is more information on different types of windows available

Laminate Flooring Installation

Laminate installation is actually one of the simplest flooring options for the DIYer. Only basic tools are necessary to form this floating floor. Simply follow the manufacturer's instructions to lay and lock the pieces together. There's no glue or confusing calculations to solve. Rent a quality power saw to cut the laminate at the edges of the room. This tool is really the only major item required for installation.

Entire Home Carpeting

It is possible to install carpeting on your own, but the final product is often lackluster. You want to hire a professional with the tools and installation strategy ready to go. Knocking the carpet into place takes finesse and experience, allowing the edges to adhere to the tack strip without any bubbling. Stairs, in particular, are difficult to install because of all the edges and changing contours. The labor you pay for carpet installation is worth its value.

Paver Walkway

One of the easiest outdoor walkways to install yourself is the paver type. There's no messy concrete pours, just a sand layer meticulously laid into a ground form. You'll place the paver bricks into the sand and vibrate them down with a rental vibratory compactor. The walkway becomes a permanent garden fixture while adding visual value to the home..

It's a literal achievement to complete a renovation on your own. Choose your projects carefully to ensure guaranteed success with the right tools. Any renovation that becomes an overwhelming feat is best left to the professionals.

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